Framesi Barber Gen Hair

Framesi Barber Gen brings into specialist salons and barber corners all the unique quality, research and style of its products.


Strong-hold matt wax. Perfect to control your hairstyle, with a natural-looking satin finish.

100 ml

How to use

How to best use the product:
– Warm the wax in your hands, apply on dry hair, then style as usual.

The pride and joy of the Italian barber craft, Machete recommends Framesi Barber Gen, a range inspired by time-honoured wellness rituals that takes care of the hair and beard.

Barber Tips

This tip applies to any styling product that you distribute with your fingers: since the volume or shape of the hair starts at the roots, always start applying the product from the roots to shape your locks as you prefer.

Always comb your hair after applying wax or pomade, even if you will twirl your locks into shape afterwards. This will remove any excess wax and will distribute it evenly through your hair.



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